Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor

Guidelines in Buying Real Properties Thru Negotiated Sale

  1. Accomplish the PDIC Offer to Buy (OTB) form together with the Buyer information Sheet (BIS). The OTB and BIS may be downloaded for free in the PDIC website,
  2. If offer is done thru/referred by a Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) licensed Real Estate Broker (REB), the OTB shall be signed by the REB with the Client’s conformity and shall be submitted together with:
    1. PRC Certificate of Registration as REB (certified true copy) and valid PRC Professional Identification card (ID) (photocopy),
    2. Valid government issued ID other than the PRC ID (e.g. SSS, Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID) (photocopy), and
    3. BIR Form 2303 (BIR Certificate of Registration of RE activities) or BIR Form 1701 (Income Tax Return)

    Subject to the terms and conditions for entitlement to a commission.
  3. Make sure that all the required fields in the OTB & BIS are completely filled out and duly signed. The OTB & BIS may be sent thru any of the following modes:
    1. drop in a sealed envelope at the PDIC Offer Box located at the PDIC Public Assistance Center, 3rd Floor, SSS Bldg., 6782 Ayala Ave. cor. V.A. Rufino St., Makati City;
    2. mail to the ROPA Disposal Committee (RDC) thru its Secretariat, 4th Floor, SSS Bldg., 6782 Ayala Ave. cor. V.A. Rufino St., Makati City;
    3. email scanned original OTB & BIS and send to the following email address:
  4. All offers will be opened and processed every Monday, 9:00 AM by the RDC Secretariat and transmitted to the Asset Management and Disposal Group (AMDG) the next working day (Tuesday). All offers will also be acknowledged by the RDC Secretariat.
  5. AMDG will evaluate the offers within fifteen (15) days to determines whether the offers are complying or non-complying based on the PDIC policy.
  6. Thereafter, the AMDG will inform you in writing of the result of its evaluation, or RDC's action concerning your offer.
  7. If offer is approved, payment must be made within fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of the Notice of Award (NOA). In case of failure to pay on the due date, the approval shall be automatically cancelled.
  8. Payment may be made thru either of the following:
    1. the Cashier at the Treasury Deoartment (TD) located at the PDIC-PAC, 3rd floor SSS Bldg., 6782 Ayala Ave. cor. V.A. Rufino St. Makati City; or
    2. any PNB branch (for closed banks) using the Bills Payment Slip (see attached sample):

PNB Account No. : (leave blank)
Account/Merchant's Name: PDIC BURL - (name of closed bank)
Policy/Plan Reference No.: (to be provided by AMDG)
Policy/Planholder's Name: (indicate the name of BUYER)

  1. Please provide a copy of the Official Receipt / duly validated PNB Bills Payment Slip to AMDG as soon as payment is made for confirmation.
  2. The Deed of Absolute Sale / Contract to Sell will be prepared within fifteen (15) days from confirmation of payment.

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PDIC is a government instrumentality created in
1963 by virtue of Republic Act 3591, as amended,
to insure the deposits of all banks. PDIC exists to
protect depositors by providing deposit insurance coverage for the depositing public and help promote financial stability. PDIC is an attached agency of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
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